While visiting Israel, our design blogger guests where asked by Anat Cygielman from xnet to chose one picture (out of the hundreds they took!) from the whole week and to explain why they chose it.

For the article in xnet (in Hebrew) click here.

Here’s what they chose:

Andrea Chin, Designboom:

“captured on the way to mechnayuda market in jerusalem, this is one of the first pictures I took during my stay. now looking back, it was kind of a foreshadowing of what I would observe and experience over the course of my time in israel. the candid arrangement of these produce boxes for me quietly reflects the charisma, vibrancy and resourcefulness of the israeli people. this shot brings me back to some the most memorable moments I had in the country, whereby I found myself with new acquaintances gathered around a table, enjoying a great meal with good conversation. it sincerely represents that sometimes the simplest and humblest situations offer the most meaningful experiences – the building blocks to create something great.”

James Davidson, We Heart:

“I took a lot more interesting and visually appealing images, but when I was looking back through them, this one just brought a little smile to my face. It’s a wooden scooter which I came across at Studio Groovy; a little props and design workshop and showroom that we stumbled upon by chance. It was whilst we were in between the Homes From Within tour and the visit was totally unscheduled – in fact we were in and out in minutes – but that’s what I liked about it, it demonstrated that there really was a vibrancy about the Tel Aviv design scene. It really felt like behind every door something creative was happening, a bit like the feeling I get walking around East Berlin. It’s a feeling I like.”

Amy Frearson, Dezeen:

“The picture I’ve chosen if from Ehud Oren’s Photosynthesis exhibition. I was really impressed with the curation of the exhibition, where these tower-block-like cabinets were displayed in an empty basement. The effect was strangely eerie. Coming from an architecture background, I loved how these pieces of furniture captured the same spectacle that can be created by an unusual building.”

 Jeff Hamada, Booooooom:

“This image of ‘Kiddish To Go, 2007′ by Arik Weiss captures the spirit of the Israel that I experienced. It is a clever balance of the religious and the secular, and it is clear the artist has a respect for tradition as well as an irreverent sense of humor.”

Ben Faga, DeTnk:

“There are many things that caught my attention while visiting Israel. The one thing that really excited me was the contemporary art space in Jerusalem entitled ‘Yaffo 23′. The space is run by a very excited curator, Roy Brand, who has sought to promote emerging artists both in Israel and abroad. The space itself is located in an old british mandate building (above the postal office) where I believe it was once where the British printed their currency. The contrast between the history that seeps from every surface in Jerusalem to the contemporary art that Brand brings to ‘Yaffo 23′ makes this a place where forward movement, discussion, and fun can be had in a city that is experiencing an awakening.”

Thank you Anat Cygielman for sharing these answers with us and allowing us to post them on our blog!

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