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If you know a thing or two about place branding, you’ll know that one of the best ways to brand a place is by creating global awareness for events happening in that place. We produced globally branded events in Israel, and are seeking out international events already taking place here, and offering the event producers PR incentive packages based on our extensive network of online influencers.


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This year we partnered with the producers of the Shorty Awards to bring the first ever Shorty Stories event to Israel! On July 9th 2016, we hosted the first ever Shorty Stories Tel Aviv 2016, in the presence of local online opinion leaders and content creators, and marketing and advertising professionals. The keynote speaker of this exciting event was Thomas Sanders, winner of the Shorty Awards for Best Viner of 2015, with 10 million followers! To celebrate the Shorty Stories coming to Israel, Vibe Israel flew in 4 more leading international social media stars, together with almost 6 million followers, for a#VibeVideo tour which took place during the week leading up to the Shorty Stories Tel Aviv 2016 event. We ended the event with the first ever Vibe Inside Awards, in the spirit of the Shorty Awards, for Israeli online content creators.

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