February 2018

For this #VibeEvent we had the opportunity to share Israel’s strengths and innovative spirit in the field of smart cities.

The Muni World convention is an annual offline think tank focused on brainstorming key challenges facing municipalities in this cyber age. Our journalists explored green living technologies, visited Israel’s leading R&D centers and got a glance of what the future holds for greener, smarter and safer cities.

Gil Press from Forbes Magazine, writes about technology, entrepreneurs and innovation. Gil is a marketing and education consultant, and has launched conversations regarding big data and the digital universe.

Share Gil’s experience of the conference here:

6 Lessons From Tel-Aviv For Successful Digital Transformation Of Smart Cities

6 Ways To Make Smart Cities Future-Proof Cybersecurity Cities

Tina M Casey from Clean Technica Magazine joined us on the Vibe Sustainability tour back in 2013. Tina specializes in corporate sustainability, emerging materials, biofuels, water and wastewater issues. We were very excited to have her back and share the amazing progress Israel made in green-tech.

Read Tina’s thoughts on the Muni World convention here:

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Sharing the Experience


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