EatWith San Francisco Event with the Jewish Skinny
May, 2017

In mid May, 2017, we held a small fundraiser at the brand new kitchen and dining room of EatWith, one of Israel’s most successful apps that has become a global phenomenon (EatWith is an easy way to access the underground food scene and connect with creative, open-minded and interesting people). The event was hosted by Suzanne Felson and the Jewish Skinny, a weekly e-newsletter that explores ancient and trending Jew(ish) issues, including History, Books, Holidays, Hebrew, Torah, Pop Culture, Influencers, and DIYs…

The event was held at the dining room of EatWith in San Francisco, where 20-30 guests joined us for an intimate meal based on recipes from Steven Rothfeld’s incredible cookbook: Israel Eats. Steven delighted us with readings from his book, as the food was presented. A wonderful evening was had by all!

See for Yourself!

Photos from the Event


We are so grateful to Suzanne Felson and the Jewish Skinny for hosting this wonderful event and raising awareness for Vibe Israel! We are also very grateful to Steven Rothfeld, author of the cookbook "Israel Eats" for inspiring our EatWith chef to create amazing dishes for our guests.

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