Design Bloggers – November 2011

Why Design?

Israeli art and design is beginning to be recognized globally as a force to be reckoned with. Recently, Sotheby’s launched a celebration of Israeli design talent, with exhibitions planned in London, Tel Aviv and New York. As Sonya Bekkerman from Sotheby’s stated: “A lot of artists we met were designers and the more we looked around we realized there’s extraordinary talent here, it’s fresh, it’s innovative, it’s really exceptional and there isn’t a platform for it.

In addition, design is a globally appealing area of interest attracting millions of readers from around the world to the most popular blogs. The creativity characteristic of design in Israel is already starting to become known, and we wanted to give it a boost in our own special way and connect design lovers to Israel through their passion.


Top global design bloggers. The following were the first to accept our offer:

Blog # of   readers /month unique   readers /month 4   million 2.7   million 2.5   million 850,000 870,000 360,000 400,000 185,000 72,000 21,000

Why now?

Two important developments raising awareness for Israel’s contribution to the art and design scene took place in November, 2011:

  • The prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum from London brought their successful interactive exhibition entitled “Decode” to the Holon Design Museum, following exhibits in Moscow and Beijing. For the Holon exhibition, three Israeli artists were commissioned to showcase their unique designs to be included in the Decode works as it continues to tour the world.
  • The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which is renown worldwide for its high class art and design exhibits, launched its new and highly anticipated Herta and Paul Amir Wing, which serves not only as a thrilling new addition to the respected museum, but also as a Tel Aviv architectural landmark.

We aimed to bring our bloggers during the month of November, 2011 to coincide with these important milestones in Israel’s design and art industry.

The Experience

We showed them places of interest including: the pre-opening viewing of the DECODE exhibit at the Holon Design Museum; a private tour of Houses From Within; VIP tour of Tel Aviv Museum of Art (new wing) where exhibiting designer Yaacov Kaufman and video artist Ben Hagari met the group and talked about their exhibits; VIP tour of the Israel Museum led by Executive Curator Mira Lapidot; studios of up and coming designers including Kobi Levi (shoe designer), Peleg Design, Studio Khan, Ototo, customadeMonkey Business, Braverman Gallery in addition to tourism sites including Jerusalem’s old city, the museum in Kibbutz Ein Harod up North including lunch with an amazing view from Mt. Gilboa, and much, much more!

These are the 5 bloggers who attended the tour and a sampling of their posts. For all of the posts generated by this tour, click on the Posts page.

Andrea Chin, DesignBoom posted:

and many more…

Amy Frearson, Dezeen posted:

and many more…

Jeff Hamada, Booooooom said “thanks so much for everything you did – this week was one of the best of my life…” and posted:

and more to come (Jeff is still recuperating from his flight to Vancouver…)…

James Davidson, WeHeart posted:

and more to come…

Ben Faga, DeTnk posted:

with more to come…

Throughout the tour, the bloggers were accompanied by Israel Buddies – some well-known locally and even internationally and others not well-known at all, just normal people with common points of interest.

The Israel Buddies for this tour included:

Chedva Kleinhandler

Eynat Kayless Argaman

Omer Gershon

Ben Hagari

Nirith Nelson

Jacob Peres

Tamar Zadok

Eyal de Leeuw

Debbie Luzia

Reddish – Naama Steinbock & Idan Friedman

Maya Dvash

Dan Alexander

Dan Ram

Ori Niv

Karen Brunwasser

Edoe Cohen

Tali Friedman

Yifat Gurion

Anat Safran

Assaf Guery

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