2015 Tours

2015 was a huge year for us – with 7 (!) #VibeTours this year. Wow, that’s a lot!

We started the year with our first Spanish speaking tour, aimed at Spain and Latin America – #VibeComida, and what better a topic to share with our Latin friends than… food, food and more food! In March, we did a #VibeTV tour, focusing on TV formats and technologies, in partnership with the INTV Conference by Keshet Television. After that, in May, it was #VibeTravel, with a specific focus on boutique tourism.

June was all about female entrepreneurship, with our #VibeWomen tour, and then September came along with some more girl power – our second #VibeMommies tour. We ended the year with a #VibeFashion tour (our second) in October, coinciding with the Tel Aviv Fashion Week, and then a #VibeEdu tour, zooming in on innovation in education in Israel, in December.

Read all about the tours right here!

Video filming and editing: Tamy Eisenberg

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