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      We have a special place in our hearts for our Vibe Mommies tours. Not only because, well… you know… mommies, but also because our very first tour was a mommies tour! Since then, the Israeli parenting scene has grown and evolved. Social media has played a crucial part in this process, bringing women together Continue reading


    We did our first food tour back in 2012, and we’ve repeated this topic almost every year since. The food in Israel is so diverse, that no food tour we’ve done has been similar to the one before. Cuisines from all over the world are represented in this tiny country, with a lot of innovation Continue reading


    ‘Strategists from around the world agreed that “Israel is a laboratory” for eco-innovation and can serve as a platform for larger countries looking to harness sustainable technology’ [Jpost article about the United Nations Economics Commission in Tel Aviv]. That is exactly why we decided to invite more online influencers to another Eco Impact tour, 3 Continue reading


    “Israel is known to be on the leading edge of biology, technology and innovation. What people may not know is that Israel is a world leader in holistic and natural health. There is so much talent and interest in naturally obtaining and maintaining optimal health. People want to find out what they can do to Continue reading

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