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    Today more than ever, health and fitness play a significant role in our daily lives. This is especially evident in Tel Aviv, where you are constantly surrounded by joggers, gym-goers or yogis on their way to another beach workout. During this amazing tour, we shared the Israeli enthusiasm for sports and fitness with five energetic influencers from Continue reading


    If there’s one thing no one can resist, it’s puppies on the internet! For this unique tour we brought 6 doggy influencers and their BFFs to doggy paradise (or as we like to call it… Israel!). Did you know Tel Aviv is the city that has the most dogs per capita in the world?! We Continue reading


    When exploring a new city, most of us look for beautiful buildings, interesting museums, or delicious food. But how often do we get to know the thing that really makes a city tick, it’s people? Inspired by Humans of New York, our five influencers dedicate themselves to doing just that. They walk around their city, Continue reading


    Travel tours can be tricky. How do you give people who travel the world for a living, a fresh and exciting experience? Luckily, our influencers were a wonderful group of people who were enthusiastic and excited by all the crazy things we had planned for them.  Whether it was zip-lining down the Ramon Crater, flying Continue reading

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