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    The spirituality of Jerusalem, the serenity of the Dead Sea, the vivacity of the city of Tel Aviv, the excitement and historic richness of the Galilee region and the Golan Heights – this is Israel! A diamond in the rough of pure touristic pleasure, that most people think about but not enough have visited. To share Continue reading


    This was a unique tour for us – the first time we focused on video influencers. We partnered with the Shorty Awards team in NY who reached out to top Viners and four incredible influencers accepted the invitation. Differently from our tours which focus on a specific area of interest, this week was filled with Continue reading


    The first time we did an architecture tour was in 2013 and it was so successful we knew we had to repeat it. So here it is – #VibeArch 2016, 3 years later and we’re back, revisiting some of the incredible sights we experienced last time, like the refurbished Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum with Architect Continue reading


    (Video by Shelly Carmel. If the video won’t play, click here to view on Vimeo) If you haven’t been asleep or on Mars in the last few years, and you know Israel a little bit, you’ll know that the fitness scene here has gone crazy! Marathons, Triathlons, extreme sports, swimming, bicycle riding and what not… Continue reading

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