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Vibe Tours takes international online opinion leaders and makers on a weeklong all-expenses-paid personalized experience of Israel. Each tour is subject-matter-specific in an area that Israel has a competitive advantage in such as: business, social entrepreneurship, environment, art, fashion, gastronomy, photography and more. By bringing opinion leaders and makers to Israel and showing them what our country has to offer in their selected fields of interest, we are filling the gap between perception and reality.

Every month and a half we do a Vibe Tour, so click on “Show Me More” to learn more about the project, follow the tours in real time and read the amazing things that our participants write about their experiences here.


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We did our first food tour back in 2012, and we’ve repeated this topic almost every year since. The food in Israel is so diverse, that no food tour we’ve done has been similar to the one before. Cuisines from all over the world are represented in this tiny country, with a lot of innovation and creativity mixed in. The diverse terrains of the country also make for unique experiences – from a farm to table dinner in a lush green field, to the urban restaurant scene of the big cities, to the bustling markets – there’s something for everyone here! This tour featured a Brazilian YouTubing couple, the second biggest food influencers in Brazil, and two gorgeous American food bloggers from California and Detroit. Check out what they ate, and what they wrote about, right here…

Photography: Amir Menahem

Video Photography and Editing: Dekel Eizenberg

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