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Vibe Tours takes international online opinion leaders and makers on a weeklong all-expenses-paid personalized experience of Israel. Each tour is subject-matter-specific in an area that Israel has a competitive advantage in such as: business, social entrepreneurship, environment, art, fashion, gastronomy, photography and more. By bringing opinion leaders and makers to Israel and showing them what our country has to offer in their selected fields of interest, we are filling the gap between perception and reality.

Every month and a half we do a Vibe Tour, so click on “Show Me More” to learn more about the project, follow the tours in real time and read the amazing things that our participants write about their experiences here.


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We always say that every one of our tours is really a food tour. Being such a huge part of Israeli culture, our cuisine tells our story better than anything else. Israeli food is diverse, colorful and constantly changing. On this #VibeFood Tour, we explored heritage – tasted traditional cooking, peeked into the future – tried out cutting edge food-tech inventions, and most importantly enjoyed the warm hospitality of the local chefs and foodies. On this Vibe Tour, our awesome group of international influencers took a big bite out of life!

Photography: Amir Menahem
Videography: Tomer Halfon

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