Vibe Data is the definitive database of people, places, organizations and experiences that manifest Israel’s unique spirit of Creative Energy. We compiled this one-of-a-kind database which is continuously updated based on our own experiences from our projects. Each of the items on the database has been tried and tested, and we recommend to include them in your mission, presentation, speaking opportunity or any other expression of Israel. It’s the Israel we share with the world – now you can too!

The Vibe Data project also includes an annual conference, The Israel Exchange, the first to take place on January 31, 2018 in New York. The Israel Exchange is by invitation only. For more information about it, please go to the conference homepage.

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Looking for a great Israeli speaker? Planning a mission and need some recommendations? Hosting a business group and want to plan a start-ups session? Here are some sample pages from the database, but to truly experience what it has to offer – click on the button above and register for a free trial!

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