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Israel has so much to offer the world, but the world doesn’t know it. Most of what people know about Israel is limited to one narrow topic: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We want to change this by taking advantage of the viral effect of social networks. We are doing this through social media campaigns that relate back to Israel, with an emphasis on connecting Israel with Millennials through topics that they care about.

Check out #DoggyVacay!

See for Yourself!

Latest Campaign


#DoggyVacay is a social media contest to pick five lucky dogs to come to Israel on a dream vacation! The entire campaign conversation is with the dogs themselves, not with their owners, which is what makes it “disruptive” and attention-grabbing to Millennials. Dogs that wish to participate need to ask their human to post a picture of them on social media, with sunglasses on, and they need to apply through a dedicated mini-site. The winners will be announced in mid-September, with the trip to Israel planned for October. Woof!

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