About Us

Since 2011, Vibe Israel has been dramatically transforming global perceptions of Israel using Country Branding. This methodology, borrowed from corporate marketing, is implemented by governments and private sector leadership the world over to strengthen their country's economy and boost national pride. In Vibe Israel’s unique case, we are also using Israel Country Branding to strengthen the connection between the next-gen Jewish Diaspora and Israel. 

We are not an advocacy organization - we are not explaining Israel's political policies or asking people to take sides. We are highlighting what Israel has to offer, because we believe Israel is a great "product" that deserves great marketing. 

In 2018, guided by the premier place branding agency, Bloom Consulting, and in partnership with our own team of branding experts who since 2011 have become specialized in the Millennial market segment, we  developed a research-based, multi-year marketing and branding work plan for Israel. We launched the Vibe Israel Initiative at an exclusive event at President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin’s residence in February 2019.

By bringing on board philanthropists, the Israeli private sector and eventually, the Israeli government, we aim for Israel to go from Top 30 to Top 10 Best Country* within 10 years.

*Best Countries is a global ranking published annually in US News, created to capture how countries are perceived on a global scale. 

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Vibe Israel is a charitable organization (Amuta) registered in Israel, based in Tel Aviv, enhancing Israel's global reputation through influencer tours, online campaigns, digital projects, events, and more.

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Vibe Israel USA is Vibe Israel’s 501c3 partner in North America, working with the Jewish diaspora and supporting Vibe Israel's work in Israel by serving as the fiscal sponsor for grant making from U.S. partners.