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“Your work at Vibe Israel, alongside other governmental and non-governmental organizations, showcases the beautiful aspects of Israel’s contributions, its diverse society and rich history. The secret of Israel’s charm is not just in it being a Start Up Nation, but first and foremost in it being a People’s Nation, a fascinating human mosaic that connects between innovation and traditions, East and West. Thank you for all you are doing to represent us and help make the Israeli experience accessible to people around the world. Continue your blessed work”

- President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, February 20th, 2019

We are building an action-oriented alliance of individuals, companies and organizations who are supporting, enabling and communicating the Israel Country Brand and its narratives. 

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We are seeking partners who:

Believe Israel has an inspiring story and want to share it with the world

Recognize the importance of Israel in the shaping of Jewish identity in the 21st Century

Believe they can positively contribute to the success of the Brand of Israel

By joining you will enjoy the following benefits:

Up-to-date content about Israel for use in your own marketing materials

Access to a Toolbox of ways to effectively communicate Israel’s story

Training and workshops on how to tell Israel’s story

Exclusive access to data about global perceptions of Israel

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