Branding Israel Awards

 Vibe Israel’s Branding Israel Awards celebrate Israelis who, in their day-to-day activities, shed a positive light on Israel and in so doing, improve Israel’s global image for all of us. The purpose of the Awards is to encourage more Israelis to embrace their “Israeli-ness” on the international stage and be PROUD and LOUD about it so the world learns through them who the Israeli people are at their best!

And the 2020 Winners Are:

Image for Chef Assaf Granit

Chef Assaf Granit
Winner in the Lifestyle Category

In recent years, Israeli food has gained momentum around the world and has become one of the most identifiable things about Israel. This process reached new heights in December 2019, when Shabour, the restaurant owned by Israeli chef Assaf Granit and partner Uri Navon, who are among the founders of the Machneyuda Group, was named Best Restaurant in Paris. We’re proud to award the Branding Israel Award in the Lifestyle category to Chef Assaf Granit, who beyond his incredible personal and professional success, insists on integrating Israeli culture and reflecting the Jerusalem experience in his work in a prominent and outspoken way, making it accessible to people from around the world, and inviting them to taste from our rich culture.

Image for Coach David Blatt

Coach David Blatt
Winner in the Sports Category

The Branding Israel Award winner in the Sports category is Coach David Blatt. As one of the prominent basketball coaches in Europe and even in the NBA, and in his new position as adviser to the New York Knicks, David Blatt brings Israel to the forefront, whether through his successes as the coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv and leading it to victory in the 2014 Euro League championships, or on an individual level, with his integration at the top of his profession and his insistence to be recognized as an Israeli despite being a native of the U.S. Throughout his long career, David has shone a positive light on Israel, with much pride, through his daily work.

Image for Gil Shwed

Gil Shwed
Winner in the Business Category

The Branding Israel Award in the Business category is awarded to winner of the Israel Prize for High Tech, founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies, Gil Shwed. One of the pioneers of Israeli high-tech, Gil embodies the groundbreaking Israeli thinking that established Check Point as a leading international company. As a man included in the World Economic Forum’s list of the global leaders of tomorrow, and who is at the forefront of Israeli industry, Gil represents Israel with pride and success and instills policies in his company that encourage keeping human capital in Israel and recognizing the advantages Israel has to offer local and international industry.

Image for Sharon Tal

Sharon Tal
Winner in the Next Generation Category
Sharon, who along with her husband, Nir, joined Ruth Dayan and re-illuminated the vision at the core of the Maskit fashion brand, has worked with the world’s leading fashion houses and incorporates innovative designs in the rich tradition of this legendary fashion house. In choosing the establish Maskit House in Jaffa, in order to reflect the cultural mix expressed in the brand’s values, Maskit tells the story of Israeli society from the 1950’s until today. We’re happy to award Sharon the Branding Israel Next Generation Award, as the woman who positioned herself as one of the greatest successes of the Israeli story in the world.

Watch the 20-minute award ceremony, including Chef Granit’s thank you remarks

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