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Check out or latest video, "The Promise", which has over half a million views!

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We always try to look at the bright side in everything and right now, the world needs hope more than ever. We'll get through these challenging times together! Here's something we put together just for that - we hope you'll like it, and join us in sharing the promise of tomorrow. Creative concept and video by Natie Branding Agency and Eitan Chitayat -

Previous Campaigns

Digital campaigns are the most cost effective way to share an impactful story. As long as you have a disruptive message, an engaged community and an authentic story, you're good to go.

Here are some examples of campaigns we've done:

Image for Israeli Music Mash Up | SketchSHE x Vibe

Israeli Music Mash Up | SketchSHE x Vibe

We brought the Australian comedy trio SketchShe to Israel to create one of their signature music mashups with leading Israeli pop stars. This video reached hundreds of thousands of views across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Image for Vibe Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards is the "Oscars of Social Media", and we brought them to Israel! One evening led to 1.5 milion mentions of Israel online!

Image for Happy 70th Independence Day, Israel!

Happy 70th Independence Day, Israel!

What do international influencers think of Israel's 70th Birthday? This clip we produced went viral in Israel with tens of thousands of views on social media.