Our partnerships highlight the incredible events taking place in Israel and bring Israelis to events abroad. We bring international influencers to take part in these unique events and they help increase the global buzz.

Here are some examples of Events we've done:

Image for Shorty Stories Tel Aviv

Shorty Stories Tel Aviv

We brought the Shorty Stories (a sub-brand of the Shorty Awards, the NY-based “Oscars of Social Media") to Israel. This was the first time a Shorty Stories event was held outside the U.S. We flew in 4 leading international social media stars, who together have almost 6 million followers, for a #VibeVideo tour which took place during the week leading up to the Shorty Stories TLV event. We ended the event by awarding Vibe Inside Awards, in the spirit of the Shorty Awards, for Israeli online content creators. In one evening 1.5 million avid followers of the Shorty Awards tuned into the Tel Aviv event!

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Image for BlogCamp UK

BlogCamp UK

We partnered with BlogCamp UK, the leading blogging network in England, to hold an event that focused on parenting and childcare. We flew Israeli speakers to London and connected with UK-based Israeli companies to create an exciting day of inspiring Israeli content that was highly relevant for the 100 British parenting bloggers! In one day of posts and shares from the conference by the participants, we reached over 650,000 people online!

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Partnership with Muni World Expo

Muni World is an annual offline think tank focusing on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing smart cities. We hosted Gil Press from Forbes and Tina Casey from Clean Technica on a journey exploring cyber-security innovation, the Tel Avivian green living scene, and Israel’s most promising start-ups and municipally owned accelerators.

Partnership with Gran Fondo Dead Sea Arad Cycling Festival

The Gran Fondo Dead Sea Arad Cycling Festival is an annual cycling competition that spans scenic miles of southern Israel. This year about 1,000 riders from 30 countries took part in this unique race at the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea. We hosted two journalists who are also competitive triathletes: Claire Duncan of Triathlon Canada & and Noel Hulsman of Yahoo! Canada.

Partnership with Round Tables Culinary Festival

This 3-week-long culinary festival took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with guest chefs from Europe and the U.S. who came to cook some of their signature dishes from their home country in Israeli restaurants, while adding a dash of Israeli flavor. We hosted two major food influencers, who got to wine and dine in some of the best restaurants and enjoy the fusion meals.