What is Country Branding?

Vibe Israel uses Country Branding to transform global perceptions of Israel, boost national pride, and strengthen the connection between the next-gen Jewish Diaspora and Israel. 

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Country Branding is an evolution of methodologies borrowed from corporate marketing and branding, that became an entire industry at the turn of this Century. Country Branding is a completely different mindset to Advocacy (Hasbara), and represents a new way of thinking of when it comes to How to transform perceptions about Israel. To understand what it’s about or how it’s done for most countries and cities in the world, you need to start here...

“When I say the name of the country, what pops into your mind? The perceptions, feelings and emotions that one has whenever they hear the country’s name. That's Country Branding.” 

- Jose Filipe Torres, CEO, Bloom Consulting, Premier Place Branding Agency